“Plastics.” What is your gut reaction to this word? You are not alone if you immediately envision plastic bags from the grocery store and disposable water bottles. While consumer throwaways are a growing thorn in our global outlook, it is essential to distinguish the North American Plastics contribution to the industry is quite different.

Industrial plastics are designed for essential components in industries such as aerospace, medical and semiconductor, not one-time use materials.

For 50 years, plastic has replaced traditional metals for parts in aircraft carriers and NASA shuttle wings. Medical plastics such as knee and hip replacements change the lives of patients every day. Bullet resistant plastic saves lives and protects our military globally. Alternative Energy relies on plastic in wind turbine and solar panel production. Acrylic displays across the country encase priceless museum artifacts for preservation sake and enhance the viewer’s experience.

In the meantime, we play our responsible part in the use of plastics. The last piece of our puzzle is our industry-leading closed loop industrial plastics recycling program, which last year recycled over 19 million pounds of plastic. At the end of its life, our plastic can be reborn into the next sheet generation to live its next 50 years forward.